About us


Maramar S.A. is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the commercialization and development of food products, whose main focus is to satisfy the expectations of today's market with excellence in the quality of their products.

Maramar S.A It is a young company founded by Ecuadorian businessmen in one of the most difficult economic times of recent times that has crossed Ecuador, making this a major challenge, since since its inception has been much interest and zeal having as a philosophy daily work excellence in each of the procedures.

Maramar has enlisted in its team a highly qualified personnel with a great experience  in the seafood industry. Always seeking to satisfy consumers, the company is currently working on constant product innovation and conquer new markets.

We have a group of people of great human quality and solid professional principles, whose main objective is to look for business opportunities and development of strategic alliances.

The mission of Maramar S.A. is to offer excellence in their products to the world market. Strengthening itself in the market as a company that watches over the progress, welfare and training of its collaborators, giving its contribution to the country and the world.

Our vision is based on being a company that produces value-added products reaching excellence through its quality. We aim to achieve a solid relationship with our customers around the world.

lo que ofrecemos

Nuestra marcas

Seafood of the highest quality.

Precooked frozen products of high quality.

Healthy products line.

Almond drink (representation of the brand in Ecuador)

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